National S’mores Day!

Happy National S’mores Day everyone! Who knew such a day existed!

I think s’mores are probably one of those things that everyone has memories of as a kid or even as an adult. I can remember many s’mores made around the campfire at the cottage or on camping trips with family or friends. And also many s’mores made in the microwave when my brother and I wanted an unsupervised cooking experiment after school!

Nothing is more fun then traditional s’mores made on the campfire but lately there have been a ton of more grown up versions I’ve come across so I thought I would share a few fun s’mores in honor of National S’mores Day! Enjoy!


I think these S’mores Cups from Texas Cottage look absolutely delicious! Definitely a recipe I need to make for everyone at my family cottage!


These Frozen S’mores from Divine Party Concepts would be perfect for a hot summer day or night!


S’mores Pops from Creating Couture Parties would be perfect for a fancy party or an easy fun activity to do with the kids!


Strawberry Banana S’mores from Shabby Nest make you feel like at least you’re getting something healthy while you indulge in an ooey gooey treat!


Obviously you can’t eat this adorable onesie from the Etsy Shop The Wishing Elephant but it’s too cute not to include!

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